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Sector rotation - Use the power for your investments

Learn which stock sectors there are and how to recognize sector rotation. Use the knowledge for your investments!

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Economic cycle

Business Cycle - How to recognize which phase we are currently in

Understand the business cycle and optimize your investments! If you know in which economic phase the world economy is, everything will be much easier.

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Wann ETF kaufen

Stop investing at the wrong time: Find out when to buy ETFs

When to buy ETFs? You don't know. I'll tell you what time of day, day of the week, and time of the month to buy ETFs.

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ETF for beginners

ETF for beginners - 7 steps to the right ETF

I explain what ETFs are, what terms will help you understand the ETF jungle and how to get started.

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ETF strategy

7 ETF strategies and only 3 that really work

You are interested in an ETF strategy. But you have a headache because you can't find the right information for you. Check this list. It will alleviate your headache and help you move forward.

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Replication method: avoid mistakes and protect your money

You can choose different replication methods when selecting an ETF. These influence how your money is invested in the ETF.

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Price Index

Stay away from the Price Index. Why it’s better to choose the Performance Index

You can choose between the Performance Index and the Price Index. You can find out which one to choose here.

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How to Eliminate Currency Risk (+ Why it matters)

When you invest money in a currency other than your own, the value of your investment fluctuates because you are exposed to currency risk.

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inloopo indicator

Invest money profitably with the inloopo stock market indicator

You want to invest money strategically. Without having to follow news. It should take little time. Simple and profitable. Here you can learn how it works with the inloopo stock market traffic light.

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Limit Order EN

How to use a Limit Order - explanation with 6 tips

You want to execute your trades with a Limit Order because you have heard that it allows you to realize your profits above the current price. But what does Limit Order mean? How does a Limit Order work?

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Stop Order EN

Stop Order, Stop Buy and Stop Loss explained with examples

You want to know what exactly a stop order is. You are unsure how and when to use it. A stop order allows you to protect your capital and increase it in the long term.

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