Become a better investor or trader.

In my 1-to-1 coaching I will help you achieve your desired goal in trading or investing.

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Become an even better investor

  • Pfeil Icon Build a robust and diversified portfolio
  • Pfeil Icon Learn how to take advantage of the economic cycle
  • Pfeil Icon Use sector rotation to lock in your profits at the right time
  • Pfeil Icon Hedging
  • Pfeil Icon Currency risks
  • Pfeil Icon And more...
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Become a consistent trader

  • Pfeil Icon Find your trading style (day trading, swing trading, options trading)
  • Pfeil Icon Find your trading instrument (futures, stocks, options, ...)
  • Pfeil Icon Optimize your trading strategy
  • Pfeil Icon Analyse of trading statistics
  • Pfeil Icon Improve entries and exits with precise and repeatable strategies
  • Pfeil Icon Trading plan, analysis and fine-tuning
  • Pfeil Icon Optimize risk management
  • Pfeil Icon How to become consistently successful
  • Pfeil Icon And more...
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If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Grow money more successfully together

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The coaching is 100% tailored to you. I respond to your needs and goals. You will receive individual support and knowledge transfer.

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I prioritize solutions that fit your life situation and personality so that you can invest or increase money more successfully.

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I focus on your strengths. I will train your mindset with you to make you a more stable investor or trader.

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I listen, understand, adapt the coaching and support you in your plans to become a successful investor or trader.

A coaching with 12 weekly sessions

1-to-1 Coaching

3500 € incl. VAT

You get 12 sessions of 90 minutes each. There will be small tasks after each session. You will learn a new strategy or we will adapt your strategy. You learn to scale your account. We work on your mindset and you strengthen your self-confidence as a trader or investor.

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Don't stop learning

I only take on coachees who are 100% confident in their trading or investing. I only support 3 coachees at a time because I want to remain a full-time trader and investor. But I would be happy to pass on my knowledge as a trader and investor.

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Stock market experience

You are looking for an experienced trader. I have been active on the stock market since 2008 and initially traded CFDs, later stocks, warrants on trending stocks and options. Today I trade futures according to COT data, seasonality and weather analysis and invest strategically based on the stock market traffic light with the S&P 500 ETF strategy.

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Proven success

Do you need security? I participated in the Global Cup Championship of Futures Trading™ 2021-2022 using the Futures Swing Trading strategy. This is the trading world championship. With 64.1% profit per year I took 5th place. This year I'm taking part again.

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Analytical mindset

You want to follow someone who thinks strategically. I do my analyzes precisely and carefully. I make my decisions rationally and based on data.