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Hi 👋! I am Philipp Kozalla, a passionate investor and trader. My goal with this website is to offer you added value for your investment decisions on the stock market.

About me

I like to function outside of the mainstream. Growing up, my parents laid the foundation for this: at home, there was no TV, only vegetarian food and no refined sugar.

I moved out when I was 16 because I wanted to become a professional ice speed skater. However, (luckily) it didn't work out that way. Later, during my studies, I started checking stock prices. My friends still like to make fun of this, but I was just so fascinated by how you could increase your money with the right decisions at the right time. My first stock, which my dad gave me at the age of 14, unfortunately went down the drain. But I have learnt a lot since then!

I was told: earn money first! So I made a brief detour into the automotive industry working as an engineer and later as a team leader. It took me 7 years to get out again. Now I live in Cyprus with my wife and my two children. I am a trader, investor and entrepreneur. I am living my dream: I spend time with my kids, work flexible hours and live where I want to right now.

My aim is to help everyone reach their financial goals. The best case scenario is that you can achieve your financial freedom too. It is not easy, but everyone can learn how to do it.

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Neale Donald Walsch

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

My journey to become a professional trader and investor

After all these years I have reached the point where I can educate myself further, which I do regularly and continuously, because the stock market is my passion.

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My Mission and Vision

I want to help people achieve more independence and freedom in their lives. I want my clients to have time for the important things in life: their kids, their life goals, their dreams, their friends... I am not in favour of using the money to promote consumption, but would like to help people achieve a modest and down-to-earth life with vision.

My Purpose

I am here to give you a guide for your investment decisions. Make it easier by using my knowledge for your activities in the stock market. If you are as passionate about it as I am, follow me and learn from my decisions. With my stock market indicator, I have developed a universal and inexpensive product, which everyone can use. Thus, it is possible to beat the market with minimal effort and with a minimal drawdown on capital.

My Values

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Positive Attitude

I want to achieve my goals. This also includes mistakes. I see criticism and errors as positive. I use this to grow and improve myself.

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Growth Mind

I believe in myself. I know that it takes time and commitment to achieve something. I work on myself and my goals everyday.

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I work together with other people on various projects. I love feedback - even if it is sometimes negative. That's how I tap into the competencies of all contributors.

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I want to stay open and flexible - even when I am a grandpa ;). I believe that the world is more human through tolerance, acceptance and respect.

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I want to remain humble throughout my entire live. I appreciate the small things in life.

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Quality takes time. But perfection takes even longer. I deliver quality but I also want you to move forward. I prefer to tackle imperfectly rather than procrastinate and wait for perfection. I accept mistakes and correct them.