Day trading. But how?

In my new day trading project, I trade 1 to 2 hours and make $100 profit per day. Learn more about it in my next free webinar.

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Better manage your capital with a strategy

With my offer you invest strategically. I can build your skillset to help you gain consistency in your trading.

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Invest efficiently without prior knowledge

No more blah blah. In my products you learn what you really need to implement my strategies.

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Choose a strategy that suits you

I offer you four strategies. They differ in time, risk and return.

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I'm Philipp.

Since 2008 I have been working on how to invest my money in a risk-oriented and consistent fashion on the stock market with very little time. What drives me? There are strategies help you navigate through the big crashes. It's just that many people don't know them.

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Stock market experience

You are looking for an experienced trader? I started with CFD's, and later progressed onto stocks, US options on stocks and commodities. Today I trade futures according to a proper fundamental analysis with COT data and seasonal trends, in line with successful timing, and risk & money management. The rest of my capital I invest strategically based on the stock market indicator with the inloopo strategy.

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Proven success

You need confidence? I participated in the Global Cup Championship of Futures Trading™ 2021-2022 with my Futures Swing Trading Strategy. This is the World Trading Championship. I made it to the 5th place with +64.1% profit per year.

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Analytical thinking

You want to follow a strategic person? I make my analyses precisely and carefully. My decisions are rationall and data based. These are the fundamentals for recurring success.

Invest with a stock market indicator

The stock market indicator shows you when to invest and when to stay in cash.

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