No desire to think about your finance management?

I manage your money and invest it consistently. With less risk than the general stock market and better performance than buy & hold.

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You don't feel like...

  • Pfeil Icon to look after your money.
  • Pfeil Icon spending your money uselessly because you don't know what to do with it.
  • Pfeil Icon giving your money to a bank but doing it yourself is not your thing either.
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You want to...

  • Pfeil Icon invest your money.
  • Pfeil Icon bother with an investment strategy at all.
  • Pfeil Icon do something meaningful with your money for your future.

How it works


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Enjoy life

Carefree life

You can put aside your worries about what to do with your money. With my eToro your money is invested consistently with a risk-driven approach.

Invest money without your involvement

You have your money invested but not with a bank. No, you follow a eToro, which invests your money for you following a strategy that works.

Your money is in your hands

Your money is in your account. You can cancel your investment at any time, unlike when you buy an annuity.

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Achieve consistency with an optimal level of risk

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Strategy with rulebook

I trade according to a trend following strategy based on the inloopo market indicator. This strategy enables optimal performance with better management of the loss phases.

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Risk & Money Management

I follow a robust risk and money management strategy. I invest according to clear rules and trend markets.

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Fundamental Stock Selection

I only invested if the fundamental data speaks in favour of it. In doing so, I evaluate COT data, momentum, trend, volatility, volume and open interest. I also analyse seasonality and sentiment.

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Correct Timing and Entry

The entry is made according to clear rules. As soon as the first signs of falling prices are shown, the risk will be reduced.

I'll invest your money for you.

How do I do it? With a strategy that I have been successfully investing with since 2008. You will also be successful with me, because I will take care of your money every week with joy and passion.

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Stock market experience

You are looking for an experianced trader? I started with CFD's, and later progressed onto stocks, US options on stocks and commodities. Today I trade futures according to a proper fundamental analysis with COT data and seasonal trends, in line with successful timing, and risk & money management. The rest of my capital I invest strategically based on the stock market indicator with the inloopo strategy for the S&P 500 ETF.

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Proven success

You need confidence? I participated in the Global Cup Trading Championship with my futures trading strategy. I made it to the 5th place with a performance of 64.1%.

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Analytical thinking

You want to follow a strategic person? I make my analyses precisely and carefully. My decisions are rationall and data based. The are the fundamentals for recurring success.

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