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What you need now

Time, patience and consistency. That's how you get more returns with less drawdown. And all that with only one ETF and minimal time expenditure thanks to my signal service! You too can beat the market! Thank you for supporting my work.

Your next steps

What do you need to implement the strategy?

  • 1
    Broker Account
  • 2
    Find out about the ETF of your choice. I trade the S&P 500 ETF "iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITS ETF" with the WKN: A1C5E9 and ISIN: IE00B3ZW0K18.
  • 3
    If the traffic light is currently green, you can start directly.
  • 4
    If the traffic light is currently orange or red, wait for a buy signal in the Signal Service S&P 500 Strategy channel and stay with it.

Important info

  • I implement the trading signals 1:1 with my private money. For this purpose, I execute a monthly savings plan when the traffic light is green. When the light turns red, I liquidate my entire position and also pause the savings plan.
  • In the Telegram Channel signal service S&P 500 Strategy you only get a message when there is really something to do. It's best to read through the last posts so that you can understand the situation.
  • You will only receive messages from me on Sundays so that you don't have to deal with your finances during the week.