Learn how to day trade consistently

In this day trading course you will learn how to day trade without sitting in front of the screen all day. You will be able to manage your trades efficiently even though you trade only some hours in the evening.

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You are...

  • Pfeil Iconjust following random indicators for your trading setups.
  • Pfeil Iconfailing in reading and trading the markets.
  • Pfeil Iconlacking knowledge in how to manage your risks.
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You would rather like to...

  • Pfeil Iconuse professional software to see behind the scene with less indicators and interpretation.
  • Pfeil Iconbecome consistently in demo and later in real money trading.
  • Pfeil Iconknow exactly how to manage positions and risks to constantly master your account.

Become a professional trader

I believe that almost anyone can succeed in the financial markets with the right tools, education and mindset. Your prior trading experience does not really matter, the only skill you need is passion and the ability to work consistently and keep improving.

My day trading course is designed for traders of all levels. It covers the professional trader's view of the markets, but also starts with the very fundamentals. Check out my trading statistics to get the confidence and start your course.

Course with features, you need

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Professional tools

Learn to use professional tools like the big investment firms. You will use Sierra Charts Toolbox & Setup (worth $2.000).

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Track record

I publish a 100 % transparent track record. You will have the chance to watch me while trading in my life trading sessions.

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Trade with results

Everybody else is trading FOREX or CFDs. Not you. Because you will learn how to trade Futures.

A video course with 14 modules

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Your Professional Trading Career Starts

  • Pfeil IconIntroduction
  • Pfeil IconWho are the big market participants?
  • Pfeil IconWhy to trade Futures and not FOREX or CFD’s?
  • Pfeil IconTrading timetable and summary
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Market theory and raw data

  • Pfeil IconTheory of the market - Why does the price move?
  • Pfeil IconOrderbook (DOM)
  • Pfeil IconLive example
  • Pfeil IconTask: Transfer supply and demand to your real live
  • Pfeil IconSummary and next steps
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Tools and Downloads

  • Pfeil IconSierra Chart installation
  • Pfeil IconInstitutional Sierra Chart Setup tools (worth 2.000$)
  • Pfeil IconDemo trading
  • Pfeil IconTask: Trade with the DOM (2 weeks)
  • Pfeil IconSummary and next steps
  • Pfeil IconDownload PDF Documents
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Volume Profile

  • Pfeil IconWhat is the goal of the volume profile?
  • Pfeil IconProfile shapes
  • Pfeil IconWhen to merge profiles?
  • Pfeil IconWhen to split profiles?
  • Pfeil IconThe ultimate goal
  • Pfeil IconTask: Take a look and the current market and merge or split volume profiles for the last 2 month
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VWAP and volume-based candle chart

  • Pfeil IconWhat is the VWAP?
  • Pfeil IconWhy do we use volume candles?
  • Pfeil IconPOC
  • Pfeil IconFirst and second deviation
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Context and trade setup

  • Pfeil IconWhat is context and why is it so important?
  • Pfeil IconMarket profile conditions and rhythm (DVA)
  • Pfeil IconComposite value area (CVA) / Line in the sand (LIS)
  • Pfeil IconTask: Merge profiles and train to define your hypothesis (min. 2 month)
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  • Pfeil IconIntroduction
  • Pfeil IconSettings and what do you see
  • Pfeil IconWhat is most important?
  • Pfeil IconConclusion
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Cumulative data

  • Pfeil IconIntroduction – What is cumulative Delta?
  • Pfeil IconWhy do we use it?
  • Pfeil IconWhat can you see?
  • Pfeil IconConclusion
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Putting everything together

  • Pfeil IconContext and trading setup - the ultimat goal
  • Pfeil IconTask: Demo trading until you are constantly successful for at least 20 trading days
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Risk and money management

  • Pfeil IconRule number one! – Always trade with a hard stop loss order!
  • Pfeil IconRule number two! – Never move your initial stop loss order!
  • Pfeil IconAlways try to reduce your risk to break even + 1 tick
  • Pfeil IconThe only thing you can control is your risk. – Performances will come by itself. 😊
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Entry and exit strategy

  • Pfeil IconIntroduction - What is the context
  • Pfeil IconTrade with the trend
  • Pfeil IconHow to trade ranges? - VVAP is flat
  • Pfeil IconConclusion
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Position management

  • Pfeil IconWhen to take part profits?
  • Pfeil IconWhen to reduce your risks?
  • Pfeil IconWhen to exit all positions?
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Trading statistics

  • Pfeil IconI use and recommend TradesViz.com
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Bonus trading psychology mindset

  • Pfeil IconWhat is the right mindset?
  • Pfeil IconHow to get it?

You learn when you fail and keep going

I spent years trading with the wrong tools and financial education. I made many mistakes but learned a lot. In 2022 I completed a 2-year training to become a professional futures trader. After that I saw the markets from a professional perspective. Now I'm trading 3 strategies on different accounts. The best performing strategy is this day trading strategy that I will teach you with this course.

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What makes you different?

I started trading the financial markets completely wrong. Because I thought it was easy and anyone could do it with just a few minutes a day. It took me from 2008 to 2021 to become consistent in my trading approach and also with my results. I will give you all my knowledge and show you the pitfalls you should avoid to become a successful trader.

What's more, 99% of trading coaches do not show their live trading statistics and results. That is why I participated in the Futures World Cup Trading Championship 2021-2022 and made it to the 5th place with a performance of 64.1%.

And now I'm showing my real trading results with my small account every week on my YouTube channel.

Feel free to check everything out and build confidence.

I have little or no trading experience. Will I struggle?

For those who have no trading experience, it will be very intense. Because you have to learn everything from scratch. But this is also a very good opportunity to learn everything right from the beginning and don't get messed up for example by trading the wrong products like CFDs or Knockout Certificates.

You will learn everything a professional trader should know and how the pig market participants view the stock markets on the intraday timeframe.

If you have no trading experience at all, but are excited and motivated to learn, I will give you all my support to become successful. But you need to take your time and have a lot of patience and power to internalize everything.

Do I need to be in front of my screen all day?

The name "day trading" does not mean that you have to be in front of the screen all day. As mentioned before, I only trade for 2-3 hours in the evening because it fits perfectly into my life. Other people like to trade earlier in the session, which is also fine. Everyone should find a time in their life that works best for them to trade.

How long do I need to take the course per day?

You can take the course anytime from anywhere in the world. The course is built on a world-leading learning platform that is completely independent of my website. You will have your own private login area with a username and password and will have access to the material 24/7.

I recommend at least one hour a day for the course and training. The more the better, I guess. There is a lot of information that may be new and everyone should find their own rhythm and pace to absorb it all.

How long do I have access to the course material?

You will have lifetime access to the course materials.

Will the course get frequently updates?

Yes, the course will evolve and grow over time and I will continue to add valuable content at no additional cost.

Do you support outside of the course or am I left on my own?

For the first 3 months after your purchase, you will have access to my weekly live webinars where I will answer all your questions and we will go through the markets trading setups over and over again. You can also email me your questions. After the first 3 months you can subscribe to my live trading and support webinars for a small monthly fee.

Which markets do you trade?

I mainly trade the most liquid markets such as S&P 500 Index [ES], NASDAQ Index [NQ], Crude Oil [CL] and others.

Do I need to have a big account to start the course?

I recommend a minimum account size of at least 5000 USD. Of course the larger the account the better, as you will be more flexible with your trading and risk and money management.

But you can also start the course without your own trading account and learn everything on simulated demo trading. Once you have internalized everything and are successful with simulated demo trading, you can apply for a funded account at a prop trading firm. With this workaround, your own trading account is not necessary.

How much money do I have to spent for trading software and live data?

To start the course, I recommend using Sierra Charts. Sierra Charts has a 15 days free trial period and after that you will need delayed data to do all the tasks and also to start simulated demo trading.

To finish the course you will need Package 3 Base Standard for 26 USD per month.

Once you have finished the simulated demo trading and are ready to trade with real money, you will need to upgrade to e.g. Package 11 for 46 USD per month + Live Data Feed for 34.25 USD per month.

Please check the current prices on the Sierra Chart Website (https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/Packages.php).

What timescales or style do you trade with?

I usually only trade in the evenings when my kids are asleep because it fits my lifestyle perfectly. In terms of trading, I try to catch the waves that the markets give me. This means I try to find a good entry and stay in the position for a few minutes to an hour.

Are you affiliated with any broker?

No, I'm not affiliated with any broker or trading software. I personally trade with Sierra Charts and have Dorman Trading as my broker.

Where can I see your latest trading statistics?

You can see my latest trading statistics on my TradesViz account or on my YouTube Channel.

I still have questions. Can I speak to you in person?

Sure, just send me an email to info@inloopo.com or contact me via Telegram at +4915736977448.

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